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Why Choose Nova Doors and Hardware

Why Choose nova when there are multiple companies with a similar product?
  • Over the years we make our product based on experience, not theory. For that reason, we know what we do and we do it best.

  • We offer Lifetime warranty on hardware and a three-year warranty on wood products.

  • Nova offers any custom size/color with the fastest turnaround in the industry.

  • Our product is built to last a lifetime and our great reputation is known very well in the industry.

  • There are much more reasons why us, not someone else and in order for you to find out you will have to try us and have the best experience ever.

About Nova Doors & Hardware

Nova Doors and Hardware was established in 2007. Starting in a small, 300-square foot showroom. we have grown into a multinational operation through our values of offering excellent products and superior, personalized customer service. Manufacturing mainly in the United States with supplemental facilities in Europe and Asia. We couple genuine innovation with value to offer a sought-after catalog of entry solutions. Headquartered in the heart of New Jersey. Our extensive line is offered in most locales in the nation and throughout Canada.

As a manufacturer, we extend a higher level of service to our customers through bespoke designscustomized sizing, and infinite pre-hung services. Driven to provide positive customer experience and value, each product undergoes scrutiny in two phases: before packaging and again before shipment, ensuring the delivery of quality merchandise.

Nova Doors and Hardware is driven by a customer-centric model. We strive to offer the market top-quality product that is paired with like service. Our confidence that we do just that is underlined by industry-leading three-year interior door warranties and our lifetime promise that is given with each piece of door hardware you purchase.

It is for these reasons the NOVA reputation is envied industry-wide. This reputation is mirrored by our incredible distribution network and is why our brand enjoys high demand by leading home improvement retailers in USA and Europ.

Nova Doors and Hardware. Opening the doors of quality for a price you can afford. 

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Customer Service

Our professional customer service team works very hard helping customers all over the US to fit all needs.


Installation of doors and hardware might be tricky, that’s why we offer multiple help such as instructions, videos, even phone consultation with professional tech.


Nova offers Nationwide and Local deliveries in minimal lead times, and very fast turnaround on custom orders.

Quality & Warranty

Quality Matters, and that’s the only thing we are after. That's why we offer best in the industry warranty on all of our products.
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